I first began to experience the magic of life as a young child. I had a sense of a greater reality beyond my own small family and the wonder and wisdom was supported by my mother and both grandmothers (mainly Else, but also Louise). They patiently answered my many questions. I found myself deeply inspired through the early practice of devotion. First through dance (starting as a 3 year old), as well as religion and philosophy as a growing teen. By 16 years old I was involved in different educational subjects and found interest in psychology, as well as consciously influencing the central nervous system via mental suggestion as well as body awareness and meditation. It was all part of my devotion to movement and the human body and psyche.

I studied to become a physical teacher for children and adults, with an understudy of music, massage, sports medicine and psychology. My ongoing quest was about Truth and Love and I found myself moving to Hamburg to work at a orthopedic rehabilitation clinic. From then on I left the traditional set up to experiment with meditation and awareness. I met my first indian Guru and embarked on an alternative lifestyle. I traveled to India, Singapore, Bali and studied with various healing teachers and explored different methods. 

On July 3rd 1982 during my first travel to the US sitting with 25000 meditators in silence at the feet of the master, I experienced an awakening that altered me. 

I started my healing bodywork practice and teaching individuals and groups in California in 1989, after completing various trainings in the US.

I continued to train in "conscious bodywork level 1 &2" (at Alive &Well), '"conscious releasing" (Doc Lindwall, later Isis),  craniosacral (Dr. Upledger), foot reflexology, herbal healing and "The Sedona Methode"  (Lester Levinson).

I have had an active meditation and awareness practice since 1979. Through the different techniques of meditation that I explored for many years I now practice constant awareness through witnessing and being present.

Below are the different healing modalities I offer:




Education & Professional Experience 

I have a Masters Degree in Sports & Music with three years of educational studies in the field of Sports Medicine and Massage. I first began practicing as a Physical Therapist in an Orthopedic Clinic in Hamburg. Having studied dance since youth, I taught various dance movements from classical, tap, and Jazz with exercise laid in-between. During this time, I continued practicing massage. Always striving to keep abreast, I completed a course study at Alive & Well for my CMT License in 1989. Below are the massage techniques I am currently trained in: 

  • Swedish massage

  • Deep & soft tissue

  • Foot reflexology

  • Intuitive massage

  • Psychic massage