"Transforming the human conditioning of unconsciousness & illusion returning to presence and (the power of) the moment."

I have had an interest and quest for truth my whole Life. I have a constant and never ending passion to explore our human psyche, somatic experience, non duality and being ness. It is my passion to guide women and men of all ages, as well as the younger generation, to find and be themselves, finding the bridge between humanness and divine consciousness.

I am also passionate about being alive now, and I want to inspirer everyone to find that sense of safety. I want to remind and inspirer you to utilize your own healing power and to find peace in your being human, with all the joy and pain. I am passionate for you to remember and realize the divine support that is ever present within you and all around you. When you remember, you raise the frequency of Love on this planet again, and Love rules this existence. Get ready, be in touch, in tune, sensitive, vulnerable and open. Breathing with this moment, you are in your steady center, where you are connected.