Andrea has healing hands and truly has helped me through many physical challenges.

— Dr. Gerda Schimmer (90), Retired Internist & client of 29 years


“Deep, loving and gifted practitioner

Satyam is a deep, loving and gifted practitioner. She is empathic, embodied and a clear receptive healer.  My work with her supports the release of physical as well as emotional pain and impasses and brings me closer to essence. I have a much better perspective and clarity about things. I am so grateful to you and for you!

— Jacqueline Chen, CEO

“Brings me closer to my essence

Satyam is a deep, loving and gifted practitioner. She is empathic, embodied and a clear receptive healer.  My work with her supports the release of physical as well as emotional pain and impasses and brings me closer to my essence . I am grateful for our connection and work together.

— K. CarringtonMA, MFT


Satyam is transformational in her capacity to heal on so many levels. When I first started seeing her I was drowning in a sea of grief after a tough twin pregnancy loss. After one session I felt enormously better, and each time I go, there’s a new layer of opening/awakening not just emotionally but physically too. In our first session she quickly zoned in on my lower back, something I’d been trying for three years to resolve with acupuncture, exercise, chiropractors etc but was not improving. She diagnosed that it was subconscious resentment to medical staff at the birth of my daughter and after two sessions of massage and release work it was fully healed, never to appear again. Miraculous!

— Louise Callagy, Gap Inc


Describing my personal experiences with Satyam, soon becomes a description of the indescribable. Suffice it to say, her unique ability in communicating her therapeutic and subtle skills through the mind and body has been a very healing and enlivening experience. Simply put ... she's fun and a joy to be with. A very special person. 

— Mark Johnson, 1989


“Guides me to step into my own power

I remember the first time I met Satyam. She was one of the most loving and raw people I had ever encountered. We have been working together for two years and the way my life has transformed has been quite extraordinary. Satyam guides me to step into my own power allowing me to become aware of past hurts, and gracefully cut cords creating more space in my life to share my love. Her creation of space has been invaluable to me and it is truly a blessing to call her a teacher, dear friend, and gifted healer in my life. 

— Allie Powers (25), Marketing Manager

“Powerful distance healing.”

Andrea has been a wonderful influence in my life. Helping me understand how my life has been shaped and helping me to be empowered to shape its future. She is a friend., healer and confidant who does not judge, but explores with you what is happening and what is possible. While I highly recommend visiting her in person if you can, our sessions over the phone are just as powerful. Thank you Andrea for allowing me to be more open to my journey, my strength and my freedom.  

— Jacqueline Chen, CEO


“A unplug + tune-in experience

Satyam is truly gifted and she is so generous in sharing her gifts. She has so much knowledge , and the intuition to know how to create a unplug + tune-in experience that creates a point of stillness for each individual and the group as a whole. She is warm and personal and she truly connects with every person  in the group.

— Diane Admire

A community of strong & empowered women

“Meditation group allows me to feel like part of a community. Satyam makes each session fun and most importantly allows me to connect to my sense of power within. I leave with a sense of knowing that I am enough and that my love is a powerful force that can make great change in the world. ”

— Allie Powers (25), Marketing Manager

“Empowered me to speak my truth”

Thank you Satyam for the help this past week.  Let me just tell you how thankful I am to have you in my life.  You truly helped me become my better self and to speak my truth and to that I'll be forever thankful. 

— Andrena


“Group Meditation: A safe space

I look forward to Satyam's group meditation every week. Not only does she hold a safe space where I feel like I can be vulnerable, but she tailors each session to the energy of the group and what they are going through that week. Satyam has helped me develop skills that I use daily to deal with whatever comes up in life and I always leave her presence feeling nurtured, loved and at peace.

— Alex Blefari (25), Yoga Teacher & PT student

Andrea is a gifted and talented healer. She works quickly and efficiently and provides tremendous value. I would recommend her to any one who wants more personal insight and to accelerate their growth.

— Jackie McGrath, Communications Specialist for Corporations & CEOs

She is connected to the greater power!

— Jill S.

Life times of therapy in less than two hours. 

— Brigette Scheel, CPR

“A special experience.”

I have just received another beautiful session from Satyam...invigorating yet soothing. Satyam understands the body; the sensitivity helps to work through the tension and to nurture one's own healing and relaxation. A special experience. 

— N. Dole, P.T.

Truly a miracle worker

I love you Satyam and am very grateful for your love and compassion.  I have never struggled so much and feel like you have really saved me from myself so many times!  Truly a miracle worker with so much compassion. Gratitude for your love and compassion you have been a pure blessing in my life. 

— B. Brown


“Brings a deep relaxing atmosphere

The carpentry work I do is hard on my body. She is able to relieve lower back pains and rejuvenate my arms and legs. She also brings a deep relaxing atmosphere to the massage. I feel energized and ready for the weekend. 

— H. Smith

"I know I am in a safe place"

I am not sure I would have gotten through high school without Satyam. She is incredibly kind and understanding. She offers so much more than an amazing massage. When I am in her studio in the company of such a kind and understanding person I know I am in a safe place. I am so much wiser, happier, relaxed, and inspired for the time I spent on her table.

— Margaux Paradis, Yale University 

" A combination of muscle release and spiritual enrichment "

I have had many massages in my life and when I moved to Marin from Tahoe it was not easy to find somebody I love to work with. My body is highly sensitive and sometimes massages backfire on me. And then I was lucky enough to meet Andrea. She does not only offer an incredible, high quality massage, but she also takes you on a spiritual journey. It is hard to explain and you have to experience it. I love the combination of muscle release and spiritual enrichment at the same time.

— Sandra Vogel, Marketing Consultant

In one session, less than two hours, you helped me come back to my center and realize how safe I am owning my feelings. I had a judgement and wanted to leave my body to be safe.  I now understand how important it is to have this body with all my feelings.
— Mary Hypnotherapist & Artist