Our body hosts our whole self. It is our vehicle to sense, be present, and have an immediate response to the now. It allows access to our unconscious, therefore clearing trauma, pain, tension, conditionings, belief systems and patterns. 

With my background as a PT in Germany, I use my abilities to work with the body. I use many modalities to alleviate stress and tension to return to relaxation. We connect to clear trauma, unconscious agreements and conditions held in the body as pain, contraction or physical sensation. 

I see the body as our god given gift, our vehicle to be, to feel  to be present. The body’s response reveals what is no longer necessary to carry along. Areas of pain, contraction and tightness can be messengers of what needs love and attention. Often pain, discomfort, trauma, and hopelessness transform through an attentive touch, heartfelt presence and Love. 


  • Relief of pain 
  • Releasing past agreements and conditioning
  • Recognizing Karmic agreements and attachment to belief 
  • Opening up space to feel 
  • De-cording attachments 
  • Muscle and joint relief 
  • Increase in circulation 
  • Removal energy blocks 
  • Calming of the nervous system 
  • Balancing of the body's major systems 
  • Chakra Balancing 
  • Deeper breathing and oxygenating of the system 


Please contact me directly for my hourly rates. 


Monday through Friday first session 8am last session at 3pm. Find a time


I take most holidays off and also a brief summer vacation. 



Healing Hands

"Andrea has healing hands and truly has helped me through many physical challenges”

Gerda Schimmer (89), retired Internist (client of 29 years).

Creates space in the body! 

“I sit at a desk quite often during the week. When I visit Satyam I feel like a weight is lifted from my shoulders physically and emotionally. She has a healing touch that I look forward to each session. Satyam opens up the body so that I am able to access blocks and release cords so that I have more space to live out my purpose”

— Allie Powers (25), Marketing Manager

Quality Massage & a Spiritual Journey 

I have had many massages in my life and when I moved to Marin from Tahoe it was not easy to find somebody I love to work with. My body is highly sensitive and sometimes massages backfire on me. And then I was lucky enough to meet Andrea. She does not only offer an incredible, high quality massage, but she also takes you on a spiritual journey. It is hard to explain and you have to experience it. I love the combination of muscle release and spiritual enrichment at the same time. 

— Sandra Vogel, Marketing Consultant


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