It is my heartfelt interest to guide you into awareness of your initial internal response to what is happening outside. To practice observing and witnessing your feelings and thoughts. As the body is designed to sense, it does not judge, it senses. It is our mind, our concepts, our conditionings, our beliefs and our identifications that judge what we find in ourself. We are blindly in reaction. 

In reflecting I support you to accept, not judge. So that we may find your blind spot / shadow and bring it into Love and Acceptance. Most of what we defend comes to the surface to be healed. Most projections of judgements were received through past experiences, or established as emotional patterns. Projections can also be part of an emotional inheritance or beliefs in the misunderstood loyalty of love.

As we are Love in need reflection, almost…...

In duality we are taught to see and judge everything as good or bad, light or dark, creative or destructive. I commit to not stop there, but to go to the root of all separation, to remember and realize your wholeness, connectedness, oneness!


  • Relief of pain 
  • Releasing past agreements and conditioning
  • Recognizing Karmic agreements and attachment to belief 
  • Opening up space to feel 
  • De-cording attachments 
  • Muscle and joint relief 
  • Increase in circulation 
  • Removal energy blocks 
  • Calming of the nervous system 
  • Balancing of the body's major systems 
  • Chakra Balancing 
  • Deeper breathing and oxygenating of the system 


Helped me become my best self

"Thank you Satyam for the help this past week.  Let me just tell you how thankful I am to have you in my life.  You truly helped me become my better self and to speak my truth and to that I'll be forever thankful ”

— Andrea

A true miracle worker

"I love you Satyam and am very grateful for your love and compassion.  I have never struggled so much and feel like you have really saved me from myself so many times!  Truly a miracle worker with so much compassion.”

B. Brown

Brings me closer to my essence

"Satyam is a deep, loving and gifted practitioner. She is empathic, embodied and a clear receptive healer.  My work with her supports the release of physical as well as emotional pain and impasses and brings me closer to essence"

— K. CarringtonMA, MFT

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Release pent up feelings and gently cut cords.