Group Meditation

This is a weekly offering for women in this busy world to go inward and reconnect with the now. There is no fixed format for these sessions but rather a momentary journey. There is always room for questions and answers of course. There are no perquisites for this course. All that is needed is openness, willingness and honesty. 

We are currently in our winter meditation cycle. Wednesdays 6:30pm-8pm in Mill Valley. Please bring your own cushion and contact me for the address.



60 to 90 minutes depending on the group size. 

Hourly as well as all day workshops are available during the week or the weekend.

Corporate Meditation: 

Please contact me to discuss your specific needs. 

Corporate Mindfulness Classes

"Wake up and be ALIVE!"

Are you looking for a new routine to wake up and be alive again? Are you searching for a feeling of contentment while sitting for your cubical? Our qualities of being solution seeking problem solvers do not have to change. You do not have to give up anything you are doing right now to be fully alive and present. With this daily routine you will reconnect and preserve your ability to be successful, motherly, caring, independent and have impact in the world. You will feel more in sync with handling your daily life challenges while also having happiness and contentment. All of your hard work, focus and productivity will sharpened while making space for stress coping mechanisms that can drastically enhance your life. Daily practice helps touch on the deeper questions -- why are you here? What is your impact? What do you want to leave behind?

All day and all weekend groups are booked in advance.

Contact me to set up a session for your company. 


Tailors each session to the energy of the group

"I look forward to Satyam's group meditation every week. Not only does she hold a safe space where I feel like I can be vulnerable, but she tailors each session to the energy of the group and what they are going through that week. Satyam has helped me develop skills that I use daily to deal with whatever comes up in life and I always leave her presence feeling nurtured, loved and at peace."

— Alex Blefari (25), Yoga Teacher & PT student

A community of strong & empowered women

“Meditation group allows me to feel like part of a community. Satyam makes each session fun and most importantly allows me to connect to my sense of power within. I leave with a sense of knowing that I am enough and that my love is a powerful force that can make great change in the world. ”

— Allie Powers (25), Marketing Manager

Satyam truly connects with every person  in the group.

“Satyam is truly gifted and she is so generous in sharing her gifts. She has so much knowledge, and the intuition to know how to create a unplug + tune-in experience that creates a point of stillness for each individual and the group as a whole. She is warm and personal and she truly connects with every person  in the group.”

— Diane Admire


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