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Powerful distance healing.

Andrea has been a wonderful influence in my life. Helping me understand how my life has been shaped and helping me to be empowered to shape its future. She is a friend., healer and confidant who does not judge, but explores with you what is happening and what is possible. While I highly recommend visiting her in person if you can, our sessions over the phone are just as powerful. Thank you Andrea for allowing me to be more open to my journey, my strength and my freedom. 

— Jacqueline Chen, CEO

A clear receptive healer.

Satyam is a deep, loving and gifted practitioner. She is empathic, embodied and a clear receptive healer.  My work with her supports the release of physical as well as emotional pain and impasses and brings me closer to my essence . I am grateful for our connection and work together.

— K. Carrington, MA, MFT

Healing from home

“A transformational healing experience from the comfort of my own home. Satyam has a way of bringing about deep emotions and guides you to work through them with grace and strength.”

— Allie Powers (25), Marketing Manager


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